Making Money Online: Survey Sites

One of the easiest ways to make money in your spare time, if you speak/read passable Hebrew, is participating in paid surveys. This is far from a get-rich-quick (or even a get-rich-slow!) scheme, but everyone can use a little extra money for those small luxuries in life. In addition, you ensure your voice is heard on a variety of subjects, from consumerism to politics.

Luckily for us Israelis, there are several reliable local survey sites to choose from. Or rather, there is no need to choose - you can sign up to them all! The ones listed below are all ones I have personal experience with and have received either cash-equivalent vouchers or checks from, once I reached the points limit specified. Some of the survey sites allow answering surveys via smartphones or tablets as well, so you can make money while waiting on line at the post office or on the way to work, as a passenger of course. You'll be notified you have a survey waiting for you via email; don't wait too long, as an email is usually sent to all registrants at a given panel, and surveys can close fast.

Registration is completely free at all sites; the frequency at which you'll be receiving surveys varies. I typically get, having signed up to all of these sites, about 3-4 surveys a day altogether.

(NOTE: Some of the links contain referral codes. I only refer to sites I find reliable)

Ipanel  - Probably the largest and one of the oldest Israeli survey sites, and one of the easiest to cash out quickly from, at least in my experience.

Each 500 points you earn allows you to choose between one of 2 different vouchers (Rav Tav/Tav Hazahav) worth NIS 50. There is also an newer option to choose a BuyMe voucher, which is emailed to you and can either be a voucher for a variety of stores similar to regular tavim called BuyMe Total, or subject-specific (iPanel also offers BuyMe Chef for use at a variety of restaurants, most of which are not kosher). This voucher can also be used straight off your smartphone or printed out. Another option they offer is a Dream Card  - a giftcard, not the club card, but it can be used at the same stores.

Midgam Panel - Another longstanding survey site. After earning the equivalent of NIS 50, you can ask for your earnings in the form of a rechargable Powergift card, or a Nofshonit Card (which may be especially worthwhile, as the card is worth 15% more than the amount added to it each time you recharge it). If you earn NIS 100 and over, you can ask to divert the money into your Paypal account (a small fee of about 4% will apply).

Panel4all - There are 2 types of surveys: regular surveys which carry a point value, and political panel surveys, which do not. You may also be invited, infrequently, to qualify for a place in a focus group, which involves a group of up to 10 people giving their opinions in person. Usually you'll get vouchers for a relatively large amount at the end of such a session. You can cash out after you've earned 900 points. As of late 2015, cashing out is in he form of a Buyme Total voucher.

Panelview - It used to be that 500 points will earn you NIS 50 in vouchers, but currently they offer a variety of options at varying point prices, the cheapest being a NIS 50 Buyme voucher for 500 points, and more for Rami Levy vouchers or Shufersal Tav HaZahav for a higher point exchange rate.

MySeker - This one is especially easy to cash out from. 360 points will net you NIS 30 in Tav HaZahav vouchers.

Sekernet - Each survey you take earns you virtual cash; once you reach NIS 55, you can ask for a check (they don't release the cash until they are paid by those who commissioned the surveys, however).

The Brandman Institute  - you'll receive a check for NIS 100 for every 100 points you earn on this site. Many of the surveys are about ads you may or may not have seen on TV, so if you don't watch the boob tube, you might want to pass on this one.

Blueberries Panel - Probably the hardest site to cash out from, though not impossible - you need at least 1100 blueberries (in lieu of points) to cash out, where 10 blueberries= NIS 1.36 . You also have to email support to ask for your vouchers. Surveys are mailed infrequently, at least to me.

Once you sign up to these sites and start filling out surveys, some of them will provide you with a referral link of your own, and you can convert you near and dear ones to your newest money-making hobby. I'd also love to hear of your experience with these sites - so far, most of the people I've referred in the past have been very pleased, but let me know how you feel in the comments.

Good luck!

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  1. I just got my first Paypal payment from Midgampanel! Thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to these survey sites!!!!