Making money online from home: Lionbridge

Until now, the online money-making opportunities I've mentioned involve a relatively small amount of time investment for commensurately small rewards - and I'll continue to do so in future posts, as in my opinion, every little bit counts and adds up. This opportunity, however, is a real job with a relatively large time commitment (on the scale of 10-20 hours/week, though flexible) and while you probably won't get rich from it, you can probably make a significant amount of income if you're the conscientious, meticulous type. In fact, you might want to read up about becoming a self-employed individual in Israel and all that entails, with regard to the tax authorities and Bituach Leumi.

Lionbridge is a company based in Waltham, MA that's been around since 1996. The company provides translation services, as well as quality assurance services for search engines and social media sites. The company has long employed home-based workers from all over the world in a variety of positions, and there is a promotion track for those especially suited to the work involved*. They don't just take anyone - they ask for a resume (which doesn't necessarily have to be in the QA/Internet field), and there is an online test you need to pass and webinars to help you train for the job.

Currently, they have jobs for Social Media Internet Assessors in Israel for adults who are fairly fluent in both Hebrew and English. Even when no jobs are listed for Israel, it pays to email them and let them know of your interest; when I first contacted them for a job several years back, they had nothing for Israelis at the time, but they contacted me a mere week later with an offer.

There are other, similar sites that hire work-at-home people abroad, such as Appen and Leapforce, which I confess to know little about other than that they're reliable workplaces. Neither currently have jobs for Israelis, but it may not hurt to let them know you exist as well, if this is the type of job you think may suit you.

If work-at-home jobs of this sort are your preference, the Workplacelikehome forums are a great, though largely US-oriented, resource.

Hope this helps!
*In the interest of full disclosure: I worked for the company myself several years ago for a short while, and left for reasons that had nothing to do with the company. I am not currently employed by them, and don't have any up-to-date information about the inner workings of the company beyond what's on their website; any questions about particulars of employment should be forwarded to Lionbridge themselves.

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