My 10 favorite items to buy at iHerb

I'm sure many of you are already familiar with iHerb, a large, California-based online retailer selling mainly nutritional supplements and foods, and also "natural" cosmetics and toiletries. If not, you can read more about it in my post discussing how to buy cosmetics and toiletries online for less. iHerb's large variety of quality products, their reasonable prices (both of the items and on shipping), and their great customer service have made me a repeat customer of theirs.

While obviously, my favorite items may not be your cup of tea, I'd like to show you some of the products I've sampled from the store and find myself repeatedly ordering because they're just that good. If there are others you'd want to recommend, feel free to do so in the comments.

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, there is now cashback for iHerb via - 4% for new customers and 1.5% for returning customers. For new customers, you can also get a 5$ discount for your first purchase up to $40, or a $10 discount when purchasing over $40, by entering the site to sign up through this link or by typing DDH472 in the area where you put the coupon code when checking out.

A note about Kashrut: All foodstuffs mentioned in this post are kosher without exception, though not all are O-U. You can identify the kashrut symbols by checking this list. Keep in mind that not all the kosher foods are listed under the "Kosher" link at iHerb; you can zoom in on any product front and back and see if a symbol is present.

So here are my personal top 10 at iHerb:
  1. Celestial Seasonings herbal tea - while these are available in Israel in natural food stores for about the same price or slightly higher, the selection available online is far greater. I have yet to see my personal favorite, Black Cherry Berry, in any store here. Yummy, healthy, caffeine-free teas that even my kids like. If  you can't decide which to pick, try their herbal tea sampler.
  2. Acure Organics Cell Stimulating Face Mask - How can anyone resist a mask whose application instructions start with:"Apply evenly over the face until you look like a green sea-monster"?  Seriously, though, it leaves your face feeling clean and smooth, and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I can't vouch for the cell-stimulating properties, but it doesn't seem to be doing my cells any harm, certainly. 
  3. Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub - an exfoliating companion for the mask above. Can be used 2-3 times a week, but I recommend using it less for very sensitive skin. Also leaves your face feeling clean and fresh without aggravating your skin. 
  4. Mrs. Dash Herb blends - I was introduced to these herb blends on a trip to the US several years ago and fell in love with the amazing flavors. Until I found they were available at iHerb, I would stock up on them on our rare trips to the old country, or ask relatives to bring them for me when they came to visit. I'm so glad I can now order them when I want to! My staples are the Original Seasoning Blend (the "secret ingredient" in my household-famous chicken soup), Garlic & Herb, and Table Blend.
  5. Life-Flo Health Retinol a 1% Adanced Revitalization Cream - Probably my most earth-shattering discovery ever at iHerb. I can't begin to tell you how much this cream did my skin good. Acne, small wrinkles, hyperpigmentation - all have been improved since I started using this cream regularly at night. However, some important caveats: Pregnant women should not use this cream, as it contains a derivative of Vitamin A which can cause birth defects. Also, it's recommended you start using it sparingly, only 1-2 evenings a week as a night cream, to get used to the retinol. Too much exposure and it can cause redness and irritation. Also, it's imperative to go out in the sun well-covered in sunscreen with at least 30SPF when using this cream. Some dermatologists recommend using it only in the winter, but I use it year-round while taking precautions with no ill-effects. 
  6. Spinach powder - makes a great addition to green smoothies and quick spinach kugels and Quiches, or other baking uses. I've never seen anything like this here in Israel, and 1lb. goes a long way.
  7. Physician's Formula Concealer Duo - Great for both light coverage of slight imperfections, and the green concealer hides the more obvious red spots beforehand. 
  8. Walden Farms Creamy Bacon Dressing Packets - It's creamy. It's bacon-flavored (or so they tell me, never having tasted bacon). It has no sugar, carbs or calories, but it *does* have an O-U hechsher. What's to complain about?
  9. Earth Science, Deep Conditioning Masque for Hair, Olive & Avocado - Ever wanted to star in a Pantene shampoo commercial? Use this stuff and you may qualify. Leaves my hair smooth and silky, every time. 
  10. Nutiva Coconut Manna - for the coconut lover, in one word, YUM. I think you're supposed to use this in cooking, but it was gone straight from the jar before we ever got to find out. Another jar is on its way.
Let me know your finds at iHerb; there are thousands of products I've yet to sample and would probably love to.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Have you ever purchased items in a glass bottle from Iherb (like salad dressing). I am wondering if it is safe to ship here or might get broken in transit.

    1. Yes, I've ordered glass items several times. iHerb packs their items very well, with a lot of padding, and only once did I have an item break in transit. I was reimbursed immediately after contacting their customer service.