The 10 best shopping club cards in Israel, part 2

In Part 1, we discussed 5 of what I consider to be the best shopping club cards, many of which had their own credit card and covered more than one retailer and one industry. This post will concetrate more on specific store chains which, I believe, give good value for their club cards.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don't have all of the cards mentioned in either post - some don't have stores near my home, I don't like having too many credit cards and some stores sell wares I don't necessarily need at this point in my life. However, all the cards mentioned are a good deal if you're in the market for their wares.

As with all information I post, club rules may change from time to time, though I've made every effort to ascertain their accuracy at the time of writing; if you find any of the information is inaccurate, please let me know and I'll change it.

Teva Naot

Internationally renowned, Comfy and durable, though by no means cheap, footwear. I don't think most of you really need an introduction.

Cost: Free! (not a physical card, however you'll be listed in their national database).

Honored at:  Teva Naot stores

What it gives you: 15% off  a second pair of shoes (except in outlet stores), NIS 50 for use during the month of your birthday, and 15% on bags, wallets and belts (can be used as a double discount as well).

Credit card?  No

So where do I sign up? at any Teva Naot store.

However, this being Israel, you may find that some of the employees are rather vague about the rules. At one store, the cashier told me I could only sign up when purchasing a pair of shoes; at another, they didn't know the procedure and had to call another store to learn the process. You might want to print the photo above (click the photo above to open it in full-size, right-click the image and then "Print Picture") and go with it to the store to 'remind' the staff. I've confirmed with the company, however, that the conditions in the photo are still vaild, and they were receptive to my suggestion that as the signup is free, they might want to just let people sign up to their club online.

Cost: One-time fee of NIS 49.90 at an Onot store, or via their website, which you get back as a voucher for a purchase the next month.
Honored at: Onot (a plus-size women's clothing retailer)

What it gives you: 10% of the sum of your purchase is accumulated as points, which can then be used to buy articles of clothing (1 point=NIS 1). A "special present" (usually a voucher) for your birthday.

Credit card?  No

So where do I sign up? at any Onot store or online.


A clothing retailer present in many of the country's malls. Many sturdy, basic pieces of clothing. Of special interest to us Anglos is that they've also recently started carrying Hanes underwear and socks (for both genders).

Cost: A one-time fee of NIS 78, and 48 hours later you get credit for NIS 38 of it towards any purchase.x

What it gives you: You get NIS 50 off during the month of your birthday and special deals for members are delivered to you via email or SMS. You also receive 10% of your purchases back as points for future purchases (1 point = NIS 1). Some deals on the clothes are only available to members.

Credit card? No

So where do I sign up?  At stores nationwide or online.


Image result for sabonYou're probably familiar with this bath and body products shop, with branches abroad as well as all over Israel. Great for pampering gifts (for oneself as well as others :) ).

Cost:  NIS 35 for the first two years, however if you make purchases during those two years, you may not have to pay any renewal fee.
What it gives you:  Upon joining you get NIS 60 to spend at the chain over the next 2 months (30 the month after joining, and another 30 the month after that). You also receive a birthday gift (not credit - a physical gift which changes every year) + a 15% discount during the month of your birthday. Special deals are only available to members, and each purchase, you accumulate 10% in points towards future purchases (1 point= NIS 1).

Credit card? No

So where do I sign up?  At stores nationwide.

Kiwi Kids

Reasonably-priced clothing for kids and babies.
Cost: NIS 19.90 per year
What it gives you: An NIS 25 voucher to be used over the next 2 months. 10% accumulation of purchases in points. 30% off during the month of each child's birthday, up to 4 children (cannot be used with other discounts).
Credit card? No

So where do I sign up?  At stores nationwide.

Mind you, it wasn't easy to determine which shopping clubs were the best out of so many. I limited myself to 10, but there are more than a few which probably merit an honorable mention - perhaps in a future post.

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