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One of the most worthwhile food coupon sites for me in the past has been Tnuva's Facebook page and website. They always could be counted on to have many coupons which were usable at most supermarkets and gave very nice discounts on their products, mostly yogurts and cheeses. However, since the beginning of 2015, Tnuva and Strauss abruptly stopped issuing coupons. Upon inquiry, Tnuva claimed this was in anticipation of a new food law; more details on this here. Strauss made a similar claim.

 Whatever the reason, there are now no coupons from either of those companies to be had. However, there is another way you can receive discounts (or rather, rebates) on certain Tnuva products.

Snap.In is an initiative set up just about a year ago by Ami Elstein of Jerusalem, which looks to be a novel form of advertising. On the website, he has a list of  products, mostly dairy and mostly, though not exclusively, produced by Tnuva. If you mouse-over the various products, you can see the rebate you'll get for buying the product listed. If during shopping at any store (even your local minimarket, makolet, or convenience store), you happen to buy one or more of the products listed, you take a photo of the whole shopping receipt and upload it to the Snap.In website, either by email or directly from your mobile phone at the site. There is also a proper smartphone app in the works. (A precise explanation how the site works in English is available once you sign up).

A day or so later, you'll get an email from them listing how much of a rebate you're entitled to on that purchase, and when you get to a total of NIS 100 in rebates, you can ask to have the money transferred to you via check or bank transfer. On occasion, the site will give you a surprise rebate even if none of the products on the list are included, so they encourage you to upload all of your shopping receipts regardless of what foods you've purchased. You can upload a receipt up to 7 days after the purchase.

The advantages to Snap.In as compared with coupons are 1) No limits on where you shop - you'll get a rebate for your purchase regardless, and 2) In my experience, you receive a rebate even if the item you buy is already discounted in another way (e.g., with a store coupon). Of course, as the rebate is a percentage of the purchase price, you'll get a percentage of the discounted price back.

The site is genuine; I personally haven't yet cashed out (though I'm close to it), but know others who have received their rebates. As always with coupons:

  • Make sure that the item you're getting (including the rebate, of course) is really a deal. There may be similar items in the store that are cheaper still, and it's always better not to spend the money in the first place. 
  •  Always check the site for the exact rebate given on the item on the day you shop. While you may have bought an 8-pack of strawberry Yoplait yogurts and received a rebate of 25% last week, this week the deal might be only a 15% discount, or 20% for 2 8-packs. 
So go check out the Snap.In site and I hope you get a lot of rebates!

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