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A while back I was telling you how you can make money online (or its equivalent in the form of vouchers) by filling out online surveys. If you go to the post mentioned - here - you'll notice all the survey sites mentioned are Israeli ones. This is no coincidence. While there are American and British survey sites which claim to be open to participants from all countries, in practice, you'll get a survey from them once in a blue moon (if that; one company I belonged to for several years was very meticulous about congratulating me every year on my birthday, but other than that yearly email, I received no other communication from them) and will find it very hard to cash out.

There is, however, one exception I know of: an international survey site that might actually contact you more often, and as they pay you (to your Paypal account, in $) after every survey, there's no need to accumulate points or reach a limit in order to cash out.   

The Brand Institute is a Miami, Florida-based medical branding company. They specialize in naming and developing brands for newly-developed medicines. For this, they need contacts from all over the world speaking various languages, to ensure that none of their brand names mean something foul in any foreign language. While they are mainly interested in recruiting medical professionals (doctors, nurses and pharmacists), they welcome non-medical personnel as well. Medical professionals are also invited to become VIP members (I believe they need to send in a copy of their diploma to prove they're who they say they are) and can receive more surveys as a result. Their surveys tend to be a bit more involved than the ones you'll find at the more generic survey sites, but the rewards are greater: $2-10 for non-medical professionals per survey, $10-40 for medical professionals. As mentioned before, you get paid after each survey to your Paypal account, after about 6-8 weeks from completing the survey.

I strongly recommend you try them out (referral link). If you yourself are not a medical professional but have friends who are, please let them know as well. 

Best of luck!

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